This website in general is much better viewed on a computer, but most particularly the shop section which is difficult to navigate and use on a mobile.

We apologies and highly recommended exploring it on a computer instead, if you can. 

Shop is based in the US, all prices are in US Dollars, payment via Paypal.

RECORDS, PRINTS and POSTERS can be signed by DENIZ.

ANY QUESTIONS OR REQUESTS : or via contact page here.

Shipping is calculated automatically but the system is not perfect.. If it gets it wrong, no worries, we'll make it right!

PLEASE NOTE : A3 posters and prints may be ordered with records or other items but A1 and A2 posters must be ordered separately

as they'll have to be shipped in tubes.


Posters are original posters from my personal archives unless otherwise noted.

Very limited quantities, just one or two for some.

Posters marked "signed" means that they were signed by the whole band at the time of that poster's tour.

Any other poster or print can be signed by Deniz upon request.