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Deniz has been friends with Scott Morgan for a long time. In fact Scott's mid-60's band, The Rationals, was the first live rock band that Deniz saw, when he was 14 years old. They began to play together in the mid 70's, when Deniz was frequently asked to guest with Sonics Rendezvous Band.


Since then they have worked together in Dodge Main (with Wayne Kramer); 3 Assassins (with ex members of A-10), The SRB Reunion (with Scott Asheton and Gary Rasmussen), and finally, Powertrane.


Powertrane is at heart a brutal guitar onslaught with often three and sometimes four guitars in the line-up. The guitar section is underpinned by Robert Gillespie, who played in Detroit bands The Rockets and Rob Tyner's All Stars. Robert is a mainstay in Mitch Ryder's current touring band. Scott Morgan's amazingly lyrical and fluent guitar playing, sometimes overshadowed by his vocal mastery, is the perfect complement to Robert Gillespie's rock attack. The engine room is manned by Ann Arbor natives Chris Taylor, bass, and Andy Frost, drums.


Somehow, the sound is crushingly loud yet clear, explosive without being overly distorted, constantly driving yet dynamic. This backdrop frames the green eyed soul vocals of Scott Morgan - along with Mitch Ryder and Rob Tyner, among the greatest white singers to come out of southern Michigan.


The line-up does vary. Sometimes Deniz plays guitar and sings, and has done many shows in Ann Arbor / Detroit with the band, as well as a national tour and a live recording. Other part time members are singer Hiawatha Bailey, from Ann Arbor's Cult Heroes, and guitarist Ron Asheton when he's not busy with The Stooges.


The only recording so far in existence, Ann Arbor Revival Meeting, documents a gig at A2's Blind Pig with Mitch Ryder in 2002. The band was in top form with Deniz playing the entire set, and full 4-guitar attack mode with Ron Asheton and Hiawatha Bailey for a set closing Stooges bracket.


Currently Powertrane is awaiting release of their first studio album, and continues to play occasional shows in the Midwest and east coast of the USA, in between Scott Morgan's frequent European engagements with the Hydromatics and the Soul Solution.


THANK YOU to CHRIS "BOX" TAYLOR for those great archive posters and photos !

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