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Deep Reduction was formed in 1996 by Deniz and the members of Pennsylvania based band The Stump Wizards. Tek was producing a Wizards' album in Mechanicsburg (PA) when he and the band used some spare studio time to record a single. Completed in just three hours, the release of the single Black Tulip through Philadelphia based label GetHip drew both sales and acclaim, while opening up to Tek a new musical pathway to explore.


The band, originally meant as a one-off, continued and recorded the self-titled debut Deep Reduction for GetHip. Tek and guitarist Jack Chiara, who had led the Stump Wizards with his crushingly loud Stooges-based heavy riffs, shared vocals on the album. Clyde McGeary, a trucker maybe better known for his exploits driving large rigs loaded with toxic waste across America, provided the band's powerhouse drumming. He also gave the band its name. Deep Reduction is a term derived from heavy truck gearbox terminology.


By the time of the second album the band included bassist Jonathan Sipes, a 60's beat style guru and re-builder of vintage hot rods, well known on the US East Coast as a member of the spy-fi group The Omega Men. Despite strong songwriting and excellent backing tracks, the right vocal approach however had proved elusive. To resolve the issue, Rob Younger was recruited to do the singing, travelling from Australia to the birthplace of Deep Reduction, Studio 213 in Mechanicsburg. Younger redid all the original vocal tracks of Tek and Chiara as well as adding a couple of extra new songs. His unique and powerful approach seemed to be exactly what was needed to unify and focus the album, simply titled "2".


"2" is a cohesive set of hard edged rock and roll songs, incorporating shards of electric blues, psycheldelia, and jagged 12 string pop. Sounding at once contemporary and authentic, this album shows where the current Detroit Garage Rock craze came from, and points to future directions. The rhythm section lays down a rock solid foundation for the combined thrust of Younger's vocal and Tek's trademark guitar styles, crystallising the elements into the sound of Deep Reduction.


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Corner Hotel Richmond - Photo © Kevin O'Rafferty

Deniz Tek / Rob Younger DEEP REDUCTION 2003

Corner Hotel Richmond, Melbourne, Australia

Photo © Kevin O'Rafferty

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