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In the summer of 1999, Scott Morgan contacted Deniz with the idea of doing a Sonics Rendezvous Band reunion gig. The original idea was to do two shows opening for the Hellacopters in Cleveland and in Detroit. Deniz was to play guitar, in place of the late Fred Smith. Although apprehensive about the idea (Fred's shoes would be impossible to ever fill) Deniz agreed on the proviso that he would have to be himself. Simply play the songs as Deniz Tek and not try to duplicate Fred's work.


Several weeks of woodshedding to learn the material followed, and in that time The Hellacopters cancelled. The project was reduced to a single show, at the Magic Stick in Detroit...a venue only a couple of blocks from where Deniz and Angie lived in 1980, in the infamous Cass Corridor district.


Last minute rehearsals took place in Ann Arbor, and the gig was played to a packed house. Response from the crowd was wildly positive. Fans new and old came to hear those great songs, and didn't seem to care that the leader was gone. Ron Asheton and Mark Sisto were also there.


The set included a Stooges number Dirt, and the Radio Birdman songs New Race and Breaks My Heart, sung by Deniz. Gary sang Fred's parts, and Scott sang his own songs from the Rendezvous material. The energy levels peaked and overloaded during a crazed City Slang, ending the show with smoking equipment and wrecked guitars.


Four hours after leaving the club, an exhausted but happy Deniz was on a flight home to Montana, minus a guitar which fortunately was recovered later. A good 16-track tape was made of the night, but has never been released due to disagreement among the surviving band members. A lower quality, semi - unofficial recording of the night Live At The Magic Stick, made from a crowd DAT has however been made available through Real-O Mind Records.


For more info on that record, click on album cover below :

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