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Dodge Main
Title: Dodge Main  -  Company: Alive Records (USA)  -  Cat No: (alive 0025)
Format: 12" lp / cd album  -  Released: Nov 1996  -  Status: In print


Wayne Kramer opened on Radio Birdman's Australian reformation tour of January 1996. During the tour he and Deniz had discussed the idea of working together. Patrick Boissel from Alive Records had been trying to organize a Motor City supergroup recording for years. The following July when both Deniz' and Wayne's schedules lined up, Boissel booked a small studio in North Hollywood.
There was no preparation or planning for this record whatsoever. With Wayne's expert rhythm section and gallons of coffee, Dodge Main was cranked out in just 4 days.


Track Listing:

City Slang ( F Smith ) (4:34 m:s)
I.94 ( D Tek / C Jones ) (2:57 m:s)
Citizen of Time ( W Kramer ) (3:49 m:s)
Future/Now ( R Tyner ) (3:01 m:s)
Fire Comin' ( D Tek / P Ill ) (4:11 m:s)
100 Fools ( D Tek ) (4:11 m:s)
The Harder They Come ( J Cliff ) (2:55 m:s)
Over & Over ( F Smith ) (2:49 m:s)
Better Than That ( W Kramer / D Tek ) (3:29 m:s)
I Got A Right ( I Pop / J Williamson ) (3:09 m:s)


The Musicians:

Wayne Kramer - Guitar and Vocals, Lead Vocals on tracks 3, 7  

Deniz Tek - Guitar and Vocals, Lead Vocals on tracks 2, 5, 6  

Scott Morgan - Vocals, Lead Vocals on tracks 1, 4, 8, 9, 10  

Paul Ill - Electric and Acoustic Bass  

Brock Avery - Drums and Percussion


Technical Details:

Produced by Wayne Kramer  /  Engineered by Mike Wolf and Jon Newkirk  /  Recorded at Music Box Studio, North Hollywood 1996


Of Interest:

Deniz chose the MC5 tracks and Wayne chose the Birdman track. Deniz wrote Fire Comin' in his motel room on the second night, with Paul Ill contributing the middle 8 bars the next day. Wayne had previously written Citizen of Time and the band free jammed behind the simple riff. Better Than That was co-written by Deniz and Wayne while sitting in the studio with unplugged guitars. I-94 featured fresh lyrics, Deniz being tired of the old ones. Wayne added a ska beat with Brock Avery on African finger drums.

The opening track is the Sonic's Rendezvous classic, City Slang, with Scott Morgan from that band on vocals. Scott happened to be in LA and was called over, ending up doing several songs. The City Slang mix is heavy on rhythm guitars. There is a lot of the soloing on this track but it is barely audible, a tribute to the late Fred Smith.

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