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DKT-MC5 (Davis Kramer Thompson - MC5) was the official name given to the MC5 reunion and world tour in 2003. The three surviving members returned to the world stage with various fellow musicians filling in on vocals and 2nd guitar in the different territories.


Deniz was old friends with the band members, having worked with Wayne in Dodge Main, with Dennis in the New Race, and Michael from the Destroy all Monsters days.

He had filled in for Fred Smith in the Rendezvous band. Considered a natural choice, Deniz was recruited to play guitar on the Pacific leg of the tour: Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Rob Younger was offered the singing role, but declined, so American singers Evan Dando (Lemonheads) and Mark Arm (Mudhoney) were brought along.


When Deniz asked for a set list in advance to expedite learning the material, he was told by Wayne that "anything from the entire back catalogue, including all the live covers" were fair game!  This of course resulted in an enormous amount of homework. Wayne's other words to Deniz, at the time of the band rehearsals, were " I'm hiring you to play your ass off", which Deniz was entirely happy to do…using a guitar that was a battle scarred veteran of the early MC5 - the white Epiphone Crestwood that Deniz had gotten from Fred Smith in 1973.


After rehearsals in Melbourne, the band played several sold-out shows around Australia. The set featured core MC5 material. Horns were brought in for some of the songs, including the wild free-form jazz section of "Starship". Some of the concerts were recorded, with immediate pressings of the discs made available as merch on the night.  Following the Australian tour, the band went to New Zealand, where Evan Dando was given marching orders. After that, Wayne took over his singing parts, with Dave Vanian (Damned) helping out in Japan, where the band played the huge Summer Sonic festivals in Tokyo and Osaka.




The first two photos below are of the MC5 gig in Melbourne, at the HiFi Bar, 22nd of July 2004. Photos by KEVIN O'RAFFERTY. Thanks Kev!

These next two MC5 photos are of unknown location and photographer. Any info welcome !

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