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DENIZ TEK - 100 Fools

Company: Citadel (Australia)  -  Cat No: (cit 003)
Format: 7" single  -  Released: September 1983  -  Status: Deleted


This early Citadel single features Deniz' first ever solo effort on the A-side. It was used in combination with a Radio Birdman b-side. At the time Deniz was between bands, drifting aimlessly, but wanting to record once in a while to keep his skills together.
The rhythm section on 100 Fools were studio musicians who happened to be around at the time. Weber's drumming gave the track an unusual samba-like cadence while Deniz' guitar solo marks a departure from previous style. Compared to the current live version, which is more like the take on Dodge Main, the original seems hopelessly fast.
Alien Skies, the only ever recorded Radio Birdman instrumental, was a Living Eyes out-take that until this time had remained unreleased. It was donated by Trafalgar Music for use on the flipside.
The cover was designed using a photograph of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul on the front and a Turkish postcard of the "All Seeing Eye" on the back. This was in deference to Deniz' Turkish background.


Track Listing:
A-side: 100 Fools ( D Tek ) (Deniz Tek) 
B-side: Alien Skies ( P Hoyle ) (Radio Birdman)


The Musicians:
100 Fools:    Deniz Tek - Guitar and Vocals

Jean-Paul Williams - Bass

Bob Weber - Drums

Alien Skies: Deniz Tek - Guitar

Chris Masuak - Guitar

Warwick Gilbert - Bass

Pip Hoyle - Keyboards

Ron Keeley - Drums


Technical Details:
100 Fools: Produced by Deniz Tek and Bill Holford  /  Engineered by Mort Bradley / Recorded at ACA Recording Studios, Houston, Texas - Jan 1981
Alien Skies: Produced by Deniz Tek / Engineered by John Acock / Recorded at Rockfield Studios, Wales - 1978

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