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singles from Zeno Beach - 2007


Company: Steel Cage Records (USA)  -  Cat No: (SCR-057)

Format: 7" single - Pic sleeve  -  Released: 2007  -  Status: Available


The A-Side of this single is an edit which removes the Jim Dickson intro. The non-lp B-Side will be of great interest to fans. Rock Bottom is Chris's tune with Rob adding the lyrics. A great tune that might not have fit on the album, but stands up on its own merits. This is the only non album track from the Zeno Beach sessions to surface. The original clear red pressing was sold by the band on tour. You can purchase black vinyl copies from Steel Cage Records, in Philadelphia.


Track Listing:

A-side: Hungry Cannibals ( D Tek / Masuak)

           (non intro version) 

B-side: Rock Bottom (Younger / Masuak)


The Musicians:

Rob Younger - Vocals

Deniz Tek - Guitar

Chris Masuak - Guitar

Russell Hopkinson - Drums

Pip Hoyle - Keyboards

Jim Dickson- Bass


Technical Details:

Produced by Deniz Tek with Greg Wales

Recorder at BJB, Surry Hills

Engineered by Greg Wales

Mixed At The Vault, Balmain    

Mastered Jan by Steve Smart at Studio 301


Label: Crying Sun (Australia) / Catalogue No: (CSR003)

Format: Vinyl (7" Single) / Released: October 2007 / Available HERE


This limited pressing double A-sided 7" single was sold at venues during the band's 2007 European tour. Nothing new track-wise here. The intention was to release two of the Zeno Beach album's stronger tracks onto vinyl format as a 'treat' for fans of vinyl.



1. A-side: Zeno Beach (P Hoyle) (2:55 m:s)

2. A-side: Subterfuge (R Younger / D Tek) (3:26 m:s)


The Musicians

Rob Younger - Lead Vocals

Deniz Tek - Guitar

Chris Masuak - Guitar

Pip Hoyle - Keyboards

Jim Dickson - Bass

Russell Hopkinson - Drums

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