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2014 IS HERE ! New year, new website !


Happy New Year to all my family, friends and supporters!  

The Big Ride continues .... and as we rocket into the new year, I am taking a brief moment to look back over the shoulder and recognize some highlights of 2013 :


- Released an album, "Detroit" !  Now in its second pressing in both cd and vinyl, the album has done better than anyone had a right to expect in today's ice-cold market. But beyond that, I was elated to bring out a recording that sonically and artistically fulfilled my hopes and expectations on every level.

( To give it listen or to order, click on album cover. )


- The release of the Ron Asheton Memorial Show on DVD.  

One of my proudest moments, playing onstage with Iggy and the Stooges, 

now preserved with excellent sound and great visuals. 

This DVD fully captures the raw excitement of that show.

For full story and more photos, click on photo or HERE.


- It was a real honour to get my own "Deniz Tek" signature guitar,

designed by Art Godoy and Kieron Lomax, built by legendary luthier Steve Salvi in Adelaide. 

Early in the year I received the prototype model "001" to road test.

I am not known to be easy on guitars, and this one proved more than worthy.  

For more info, click on photo or HERE.


- Re-united with my dear friend and brother-in-arms Pip Hoyle, and along with Andy Newman

and Gerard Presland, toured up and down the east coast of Australia.


- Joined up with "Bad Men" Art and Steve Godoy for a wild ride touring across America and Japan.


See all the dates HERE.


- Reformed The Visitors for a one off fundraiser show at Sydney University for the Ron Asheton Foundation with the Hoodoo Gurus, the New Christs, 4 Stooges and SC5.

The night was a total success ... many felt it was the highlight of their year!


- Played my first solo acoustic show at the Thirroul Festival, having no idea how it would turn out, and followed up with other occasional acoustic gigs, most notably at the Dig It Up festival in Sydney and a show at Soul Kitchen in Tokyo. I am happily surprised to find that the songs can be delivered with appropriate impact in this medium, without all that crushing volume!


- Worked with my old sidekick Rob Younger on remastering or the Radio Birdman albums for vinyl and box-set releases coming up. The vinyl LP releases will include a complete live show from 1977 that was excellently recorded on 16 track mobile, and the box will include reams of recently found, previously unheard, studio material recorded at Trafalgar Studios in the 70's.


- Saw the opening of the Hand Of Law Gallery in its new digs on Botany Road, with successful exhibitions throughout the year. It's great to see the gallery moving ahead in a positive way.


- LAST BUT NOT LEAST: I experienced some very significant milestones in my personal life, which I won't discuss here ... but I am very thankful for the way that things turned out.


All the best for each and every one of you in 2014 and as Brother Ray said :








All gigs yet to be finalized and confirmed, but tour will start in Norway early June, go through Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France and Switzerland, and end in Italy at the end of June.

There will be 3 US shows prior to the Europe tour : May 28 Lancaster, PA, May 29 NYC Bowery Electric with STEVE WYNN and May 30 Brighton Bar, Long Branch , NJ.





The very successful "Deniz Tek and the Bad Men" tour of Europe finished in Zane, Italy  after 29 shows in 29 cities in 29 days. This was a record breaking run for Deniz. Stand by for a video to be posted of the last song of the last show of the tour … a killer performance of Hand of Law. Thanks to bandmates Art and Steve Godoy, tour boss Franz Barcella, manager Anne Laurent, and all who helped us along the way…. and most especially, the fans and friends who came to listen to our music, hang out, and make the tour the most fun ever!


NEW 45


A limited edition 45 was pressed exclusively for the Europe tour.

A few copies remain and are now available through this site only.

Read more about it HERE.

Buy it HERE.




Moving along from several months of songwriting and arranging into the studio, work has now begun on production of a new album. Rhythm tracks were recorded at GLEA in May. Having set the benchmark on the very successful "Detroit" album, the world famous Ric Parnell is once again in the driver's seat of the beat, laying down a rock solid foundation for the new songs. Stand by for more info as the work progresses.




We were sad to see the closure of the Hand of Law Gallery a couple of months ago in Sydney. Thanks Dave and Lorna, for all the effort and great times!  - Meanwhile, Deniz's original paintings and prints will continue to be available for viewing and sale via this website.




Deniz will play a short acoustic set at the benefit concert in Petersham, Sydney on 20 Sept. for dear departed friend and influential Le Havre / Sydney musician Christian Houllemare. (see facebook event page HERE )




The finishing touches are being applied to the vinyl releases and Box Set. ( See previous update below for details )

Further delays were due to problems with the mastering / cutting plant interface, and hopefully these will be resolved very soon.  We expect releases late September, but certainly no later than October.


Watch this space and the usual social media outlets for a major Radio Birdman news flash on August 13 ( Australia ) !




Friday 31st October - NEWCASTLE

Saturday 1st November - SYDNEY
Sunday 2nd November - MELBOURNE
Monday 3rd November - MELBOURNE
Friday 7th November - BRISBANE
Saturday 8th November - ADELAIDE
Sunday 9th November - PERTH
Friday 14th November - SYDNEY




The reissue of the band’s material is initially in the form of a limited edition CD box set, out now. The box contains the three studio albums Radios Appear (Trafalgar and Sire versions) and Living Eyes, all remastered from original tapes. Each of these albums is accompanied by a standalone bonus disc. Much of the bonus disc material is previously unreleased and will provide a treasure trove of material for diehard fans.


To cap off the box set there is a previously unreleased live concert recorded at Paddington Town Hall in 1977 just prior to the band's departure for the UK. This live recording has been mixed from master tapes that have languished forgotten for decades. The result is a totally wild and raw release that captures the band’s true primal energy. We’re sure it will prove to be the jewel in the crown for the box set.


For complete tracklisting, click HERE. To order, please go to CITADEL RECORDS MAILORDER.


The studio albums will also be reissued on vinyl, these being staggered over the months leading up to Christmas.

Live At Paddington Town Hall will come out on vinyl too as a double gatefold LP.


MARCH 2014


Radio Birdman 1976-78 Box Set and Vinyl Releases Planned


Here is an update on new Radio Birdman releases.

These releases are completely independent, funded and managed by the band, with full artistic control and freedom from any industry influence. Doing it this way has resulted in long delays and personal expense, but the end result will be the best possible quality records for you, and no unwanted compromises for us.


VINYL LP REISSUES : The band will reissue the three classic albums in their original LP format. These have been recently remastered under the supervision of myself and Rob Younger: Radios Appear (original Australian version), Radios Appear (world release version) and Living Eyes.


PADDINGTON TOWN HALL 12/12/77 : The third and last Paddington Town Hall concert of 1977 is widely regarded as one of the greatest shows the band ever played. The full house crowd went berserk, essentially destroying the venue and part of the surrounding neighborhood in the process. After this show, it was considered that further Sydney appearances, for the time being, were just too volatile and dangerous. The band split for the UK soon after.Fortunately the event was captured by Trafalgar Records engineers on multitrack tape, resulting in a studio-quality recording. I recently mixed the concert with engineer/ producer Wayne Connally, for a double vinyl gatefold LP release. This is scheduled for release before the end of July.


BOX SET : The long awaited Box Set is nearing completion. This project began almost 4 years ago when a number of 2 inch 24 track tape reels were found at Albert Studios in their archives. These tapes contained the original tracks of nearly all of the studio recordings that Radio Birdman made at Trafalgar Studios during 1976-77. This treasure trove of sound included many outtakes, interesting alternate versions of known songs, and a few songs that have never been released in any format. After sorting through literally hundreds of tracks, I selected some of the best and most interesting cuts for release. These have been mixed and mastered, and are now ready to go. Our plan is to have remastered CD's of the original albums and ep, and each will come along with an "alternate universe" bonus disc from the same sessions, made from the previously unheard tapes described above. The Box will also contain a 40 page book of photos and memorabilia. Final work on the book and artwork is in process now. Release is anticipated at the end of July.

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