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TV Jones
Title: Eskimo Pies  -  Company: Nomad Recs (USA)  -  Cat No: nomadmark 11
Format: 7" single  -  Recorded: 1974 - Released: 2000  -  Status: Deleted


In the (australian) summer of '73-'74 TV Jones was invited into Earth Media studios at North Sydney to begin work on an album. After multiple false starts the sessions began and several songs were recorded including Skimp the Pimp, Monday Morning Gunk, Man With Golden Helmet and Eskimo Pies, later re-named I-94. The album project was then cancelled and the master tapes erased. Evidence of some of the tracks survived on cassette dubs and it was from one of these ancient cassettes that this single was mastered.

Track Listing:

A-side: Eskimo Pies ( D Tek / C Jones )
B-side: Skimp The Pimp ( D Tek / C Jones )


The Musicians:

Deniz Tek - Guitar and Vocals

Chris Jones - Guitar

Gerry Jones - Drums

Giles Van der Werf - Bass

Technical Details:

Recorded at Earth Media Studios

Sydney, Australia, March 1974

Of Interest

The picture sleeve cover is from a TV Jones street poster, and the reverse side is a photo taken by Colleen Skinner at a show where TV Jones supported ex Easybeats vocalist Stevie Wright. The version of Eskimo Pies on this recording was thought to be TV Jones but is actually an early Radio Birdman demo of the same song which happened to be on the same cassette as the TV Jones tunes.


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