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Streetwalkin' Cheetars
Title: Do The Pop  -  Company: Alive Records (US)  -  Cat No: (alive0031)
Format: 7" single  -  Released: 1997  - Status: Currently in print


While on tour in LA in August '97, Deniz was asked to come by the studio where the Cheetahs, long time fans, were recording an album of cover versions. Runaway's vocalist Cherie Currie had just left, having done a vocal track for what eventually became the Cherry Bomb 7" on Alive. The guitar tracks for these two songs were done within an hour

Track Listing:

A-side: Do The Pop* ( D Tek / M Sisto ) (2:30 m:s)
B-side: More Fun** ( D Tek ) (2:01 m:s)


The Musicians:

Deniz Tek - Guitar & Backing Vocals

Frank Meyer - Guitar, Vocals & Lead Vocals**

Art Jackson - Guitar

Dino Everett - Bass, Vocals & Lead Vocals*

Mike Knutson - Drums

Technical Details:

Produced by Patrick Boissel & The Cheetahs

Engineered by Mike Wolf
Recorded at Music Box, North Hollywood


Of Interest:

Deniz simply plugged his guitar into the amp that happened to be set up in the studio already, a new Fender DeVille, not expecting much. He was favourably impressed with the sound. The next day, both the Cheetahs and Wayne Kramer came to see Deniz' show in Hollywood at a small club with about 30 people in attendance.

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