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Roy loney and the longshots
Title: shake it or leave it -  Company: Career (USA)  -  Cat No: cds -1382
Format: cd  -  Released: 2007  -  Status: in print


Roy Loney, original Flamin' Groovies songwriter/frontman continues his 30 year solo career with the third album with the Seattle based Longshots. Shake It Or Leave It finds Roy paying tribute to his musical influences. Roy Loney's history of Rock and Roll, and his best solo release since the 1978 release, Out After Dark? These twelve new originals will leave you breathless and begging for more.
The Long Shots, a truly top shelf band if there ever was, includes members of The Young Fresh Fellows, REM and the Plaintiffs. A select group of special guests include Mark Pickerel, Bobby Sutliff (Windbreakers) and Deniz Tek (Radio Birdman) who also co-produced and co-mixed the album.


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Track Listing:

Baby Du Jour ( Loney - Lea )
Big Time Love ( R Loney )
The Great Divide ( R Loney )
Big Fat Nada ( R Loney )
Raw Deal ( R Loney )
Danger Waves( Loney - Lea )
Don’t Like Nothin’ ( R Loney )
Subterranean Waterfalls ( R Loney )
Hamlet’s Brother, Happy ( R Loney )
Miss Val Dupree ( R Loney )
Looking For The Body ( R Loney )
Hey Now ( R Loney )


The Musicians:

Roy Loney - vocals, acoustic guitar, Jim Sangster - bass, guitars / Johnny Sangster - bass, guitar / Tad Hutchison- drums / Scott McCaughey- bass / Joey Kline - vocals, guitar / Graham Black - drums / Deniz Tek - guitar / Bobby Sutliff- guitar / Mark Pickerel - percussion / Ron Sanchez - guitar, tambourine, keyboards / Scott "Ringer" Sutherland - vocals / Micah Hulscher -Keyboards / Richard Mockler - organ / Barrie Russac- piano / Anna Kendall - oboe

Technical Details:

Produced by Ron Sanchez and Jim Sangster with Deniz Tek and Roy Loney
Recorded at Egg, GLEA, Skrang, Low Beat, Crackle and Pop, Private Radio
Mixed at GLEA by Ron Sanchez and Deniz Tek




Roy Loney, Deniz Tek, Ron Sanchez :


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