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Radio Birdman

Title: Zeno Beach -  Company: crying sun records/shock (Aust)  -  Cat No: (crs002)

Format: cd album -  Released: 2006  -  Status: in print - To order, click HERE


Twenty eight years after the collapse of the original band, Radio Birdman returned with a powerful album worthy of the legend. Zeno Beach collects thirteen new originals which show the continued growth of the band as songwriters and musicians. Songs from the album were featured on the 2006 and 2007 tours.

The North American release was via YepRoc. The cover is glossy rather than the matte finish of the Australian release.: 

YepRoc (USA)  -  Cat No: (YEP 2131) Format: cd album -  Released: 2006  -  Status: currently in print


Track Listing:

We've Come So Far (To Be Here Today) ( D Tek / R Younger )

You Just Make It Worse( R Younger / J Dickson / D Tek )

Remorseless ( D Tek )

Found Dead ( D Tek )

Connected ( D Tek )

Die Like April ( D Tek )

Heyday ( R Younger / D Tek )

Subterfuge ( R Younger / D Tek )

If You Say Please ( R Younger / C Masuak )

Hungry Cannibals ( D Tek / C Masuak / J Dickson )

Locked Up ( D Tek )

Brotherhood Of Al Wazah ( P Hoyle )

Zeno Beach ( P Hoyle )


The Musicians:

Rob Younger - Vocals

Deniz Tek - Guitar

Chris Masuak - Guitar

Pip Hoyle - Keyboards

Jim Dickson- Bass

Russell Hopkinson - Drums


Technical Details:

Produced by Deniz Tek with Greg Wales at BJB, Surry Hills

Engineered by Greg Wales

Mixed At The Vault, Balmain    

Mastered by Steve Smart at Studio 301


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