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7" (1978)

Company: Phonogram (UK)  -  Cat No: (sire - 6078 617)

Format: 7" single - no sleeve  -  Released: 1978  -  Status: Deleted


This was the only single off the UK release of Radios Appear. It was released concurrently with the band's British tour in early '78.

During the release of this single, the band was living a miserable existence in London, rehearsing and preparing themselves for the death march of the terminal road tour that was to come. The record should have done well, but was crippled by lack of interest from Phonogram, which was in the midst of cancelling their distribution deal with Sire. In such industry disputes the band always gets caught in the middle and loses out, this instance being no exception.


Track Listing:

A-side: What Gives? ( W Gilbert / D Tek ) (2:26 m:s)

B-side: Anglo Girl Desire ( D Tek ) (3:07 m:s)


The Musicians:

Rob Younger - Lead Vocals  /  Deniz Tek - Guitar & Vocals

Chris Masuak - Guitar & Vocals  /  Pip Hoyle - Organ & Piano

Warwick Gilbert - Bass  /  Ron Keeley - Drums

Technical Details:

Produced and recorded by John Sayers & Charles Fisher at Trafalgar Studios

Engineered by John Sayers

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