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Radio Birdman

Title: Soldiers Of Rock and Roll  /  Company: WEA (Aust)

Cat No: yeahup 1  /  Format: 12" lp  /  Released: 1982  /  Status: Deleted


This strange album, described by the record company as "an audio documentary of Radio Birdman", was released after Deniz had quit music for flying, and was assembled by the people at a soundtrack for a documentary movie which was never made. It is truly a period piece, a narrow slice of the history of the microcosm that surrounded the band.

This album contains some rare tracks, like the New Race version of Maelstrom, and many spoken word bits and interview segments with some of the band members and other people around the scene, including Ron Asheton, Dennis Thompson, and Vivien Johnson, the band's biographer.

Originally this release was packaged in a sleeve whose front cover featured a photo of a Nazi wartime rally in Nuremberg. The record company had done this without any consultation or approval from the band. It was rejected immediately by the band and the cover had to be reprinted. Not to be thwarted, the record company released the vetoed photo on a retail poster, without telling the band.


Track Listing:


Side 1:

Ramblin' Rose: MC5 ( Wilkin / Burch )

1970: The Stooges ( Stooges )

TV Eye: Radio Birdman ( Stooges )

Walk Don't Run: The Pink Fairies ( Smith )

Man With Golden Helmet: Radio Birdman ( D Tek / S Kambly )

More Fun: Radio Birdman ( D Tek )


Side 1:

Love Kills: Radio Birdman ( D Tek )

Hand Of Law: Radio Birdman ( D Tek )

New Race: Radio Birdman ( D Tek )

Who Rings The Bell: The Angels ( Brewster / Brewster / Neeson )

Hail Columbia: New Race ( New Race )

Descent Into The Maelstrom: New Race ( D Tek )

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