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7'' (1977)

Company: Trafalgar (Australia)  -  Cat No: (trs-11)
Format: 7" single - no sleeve  -  Released: July 1977  -  Status: Deleted


The band's producer, Charles Fisher, had asked Deniz to try to write a "teen anthem". The song New Race was his rather tongue in cheek response, with its humorous references to mutation of a generation of teens into a previously unknown species by the effort of will.

The B side was the truly anthemic Stooges song TV Eye, which was done as a linchpin of the band's live set at that time.


At the time, New Race was misinterpreted by a few sorry journalists as having racist content. They apparently did not actually listen to the lyrics, or else were too dense and humourless to understand them. This contributed to a general critique of the band as being "Nazi" or "Quasi Fascist", by these same resentful members of the fourth estate. Now, some 25 years later, the song is considered a signature tune, and always receives a wild response when played live.



Track Listing:

A-side: New Race ( D Tek ) (4:30 m:s)
B-side: TV Eye ( The Stooges ) (4:22 m:s)



The Musicians:

Rob Younger - Vocals

Deniz Tek - Guitar & Yeah Hups 

Chris Masuak - Guitar & Yeah Hups

Warwick Gilbert - Bass & Yeah Hups

Ron Keeley - Drums & Yeah Hups



Technical Details:

Produced by John Sayers & Charles Fisher

Engineered by John Sayers

Recorded at Trafalgar Studios

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