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Radio Birdman

Title: live in texas -  Company: crying sun (Aus)  -  Cat No: (csr 004)

Format: cd album -  Released: 2010  -  Status: in print - To order, click HERE


Live In Texas was recorded during the North American phase of the band's 2007 world tour. The recording provides a unique glimpse into this intense incarnation.


The sound is stripped down and raw. The line-up features original members Rob Younger (vocals), Deniz Tek (guitar) and Chris Masuak (guitar), along with long standing member Jim Dickson (bass) and drummer Russell Hopkinson. Keyboard player Pip Hoyle is absent.


The recording was initiated by the staff of Houston's Radio KPFT 90.1 FM with the intention of having a quality 'live' broadcast of the band's two Texas shows, legendary Emo's in Austin and The Meridian in Houston, available for broadcast on their regular "Radio Sessions At Sugar Hill" show. The ensuing care taken in the mixing at Sugar Hill finds Live In Texas sounding clear and powerful with a loose and ragged edge of a band playing with furious intensity and driving song tempos hard and fast.


The set features a balance of new and old, with songs drawn from each prior stage of the band's tumultuous existence. New cover versions appearing here include The Who's Circles, The Kinks' Til the End of the Day and the set closer, Blue Oyster Cult's Hot Rails to Hell. As a bonus the sleeve art and booklet features spectacular unreleased live photos.


Track Listing:


Murder City Nights (Tek)

We've Come So Far, To Be Here Today (Younger/Tek)

You Just Make It Worse (Younger/Dickson/Tek)

Anglo Girl Desire (Tek)

What Gives? (Gilbert/Tek)

Circles (Townsend)

Burned My Eye (Tek)

Subterfuge (Younger/Tek)

Die Like April ( D Tek )

Smith and Wesson Blues (Tek)

More Fun (Tek)

Til The End Of The Day (Davies)

Hand Of Law (Tek)

Locked Up (Tek)

I-94 (Tek)

Hot Rails To Hell (Bouchard)


The Musicians:


Rob Younger - Vocals

Deniz Tek - Guitar

Chris Masuak - Guitar

Russell Hopkinson - Drums

Jim Dickson- Bass


Technical Details:


Engineered by Andy Bradley and Francis Schmidt 

Mixed by Deniz Tek and Andy Bradley at SugarHill Studios, Houston TX 

Mastered by Alan Corneau at SugarHill Mastering

To listen to selected tracks and/or to order, click HERE.



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