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EP (1976)

Company: Trafalgar (Aust)  -  Cat No: (me-109)
Format: 7" ep  -  Released: October 1976  -  Status: Deleted


The band tried several studios, where they were met with a combination of derision and fear. Engineers and producers were generally not ready for them in 1976, and were unwilling to listen to the band's unconventional ideas about sound, let alone place their persons and equipment in harm's way.
They had almost despaired of finding any place to record, when they were finally cautiously welcomed by Trafalgar. This EP is the result of Radio Birdman's first sessions at what was to become their home studio.


Track Listing:

Smith and Wesson Blues ( D Tek ) (3:01 m:s)
Snake ( D Tek ) (3:06 m:s)
I-94 ( D Tek / C Jones ) (3:36 m:s)
Burned My Eye ( D Tek ) (1:49 m:s)


The Musicians:

Rob Younger - Vocals

Deniz Tek - Guitar & Vocals

Chris Masuak - Guitar, Vocals & Piano
Warwick Gilbert - Bass

Ron Keeley - Drums


Technical Details:

Produced by John Sayers and Charles Fisher

at Trafalgar Studios, Sydney

Engineered by John Sayers


Of Interest:

Trafalgar was a typical early seventies studio, plush, heavily carpeted, dead sounding and quiet. The band thought they could liven up the sound by hauling in large sheets of corrugated iron, of the sort that is used for roofs on country houses, which they carted away from building demolition sites in their Ford Transit van. The engineers were horrified but allowed it.

This EP also features the sound of VB cans (the old sturdy tins, not the new soft aluminium ones) being smashed against band members heads as a percussion device.



WEA (Australia)   Cat No: (wea 0.257840)   Format: 12" EP   Released: April 1989  Status: Deleted

The 12" reissue is from the Under The Ashes box set. It features the same cover photo, the only difference being a minor colouration of the titles, and the 12" versus 7" format.

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