Deniz Tek
Title: Take It To The Vertical  -  Company: Red Eye (Aust)  -  Cat No: redcd29
Format: cd album  -  Released: Sept 1992  -  Status: Deleted


Take It To The Vertical was recorded in early 1992 as the first full-length solo studio album from Deniz since The Visitors. It marked Deniz' return to music and departure from the world of military aviation, with one of his final flights in an A4 (front) and F18 (back) depicted in the self taken photos which grace the cover.
Hanging up his "Iceman" helmet for good, Deniz sent airline tickets and booked hotels for a few friends to help with the self financed project. This crew assembled in Houston under the guidance of Mort Bradley and began work. Forming into a real band was a natural occurrence, and a band spirit is certainly reflected in the music they made. As the first of many solo efforts, Deniz here began a tradition of allowing the band members full freedom of self expression within the songs, giving each recorded line-up a distinctive identity.
The finished tapes were taken to 20 record companies in Australia. 19 of them passed without comment. The 20th hesitated, then accepted the album...narrowly avoiding a very quick end to Deniz' solo career.
Take It To The Vertical, an album of clean guitar tones, which consciously avoided many of Deniz' signature sounds, has sold more copies than all of the other solo projects combined.

Track Listing:
1. Run Out Of Water ( D Tek ) (3:26 m:s)
2. Dead If Looks Could Kill ( D Tek / C Masuak ) (4:14)
3. Where Dreams Go ( D Tek / A Pepper ) (3:28 m:s)
4. Steel Beach ( D Tek ) (4:06 m:s)
5. Don't Axe Me ( D Tek ) (4:25 m:s)
6. Me & Gene ( Schuster ) (3:52 m:s)
7. Is It Good Enough? ( D Tek ) (4:37 m:s)
8. Torpedo Woman ( D Tek ) (4:06 m:s)
9. Those Times Are Gone ( D Tek ) (3:44 m:s)
10. Ships In (D Tek / M Sisto ) (3:55 m:s)


The Musicians:
Deniz Tek - Guitar, Lead Vocals

Scott "Rock Action" Asheton - Drums, Percussion

Chris Masuak - Guitar, Keyboards, Mazaphonic Tremolator
Phil "Dust" Peterson - Bass
Angie Pepper - Vocals  /  Grady Gaines - Tenor Sax  /  Donald C. Arthur - Moral Support and Tequila


Technical Details:
Produced by Andy Bradley & Deniz Tek  /  Engineered by Andy Bradley at Sugar Hill Studios, Houston


Other Release:
Normal Records (Germany)Cat No: (redcd29)  -  Format: cd album  -  Released: 1993  -  Status: Deleted


Deniz Tek
Title: Good 'Nuff  -  Company: Red Eye (Aust)  -  Cat No: (redcd 863889-2)
Format: cdep (digipac)  -  Released: October 1992  -  Status: Deleted


Deniz felt Is It Good Enough? to be the strongest track on the Take It To The Vertical album and wanted it as

the a-side of a single. There was no single, only this tour EP that came out as a compromise. 

That was "good 'nuff" in the record company's mind.



Track Listing:
1.    Is It Good Enough? ( D Tek ) (4:37 m:s)
2.    Press On ( D Tek ) (2:31 m:s)
3.    Hanky Panky ( Barry / Greenwich ) (3:42 m:s)
4.    Let The Kids Dance ( McDaniel ) (3:39 m:s)
5.    Pushin' The Broom ( D Tek ) (3:20 m:s)


The Musicians:
Deniz Tek - Guitar, Vocals

Chris Masuak - Guitar, Vocals

Shane Cooke - Bass tracks 3, 4, 5

Phil 'Dust' Peterson - Bass tracks 1, 2

Gerard Presland - Drums tracks 3, 4, 5

Scott 'Rock Action' Asheton - Drums, Percussion tracks 1, 2


Technical Details: Produced by Andy 'Mort' Bradley and Deniz Tek  /  Engineered by Andy Bradley  / Recorded at Sugar Hill Studios, Houston, Texas


Of Interest: Press On is a true Vertical outtake. When the album was being mixed, it was realised that the finished version was actually not the best performance. Another unfinished take was much better, with only a live guide vocal, a live backing track and a live throw-away solo. In fact it was so much better performance wise that it was mixed without overdubs and ultimately ended up on this EP.
Tracks 3 and 4 were not rehearsals but were the result of drunken jamming in the studio on a night off during the Hitmen's "Moronic Inferno" sessions. Mort had had the temerity to record them.
Deniz has always thought Pushin' the Broom is one of his best songs and was disappointed it was considered by the record company to be "too country" to be on Take It To The Vertical