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Company: Citadel (Australia)  -  Cat No: (tba)
Format: 2 cd album  -  Released: March 2010 -  Status: in print - To order, click HERE


The seven years covered on this compilation shows Deniz Tek working in several different musical formats. The Deniz Tek Group would be the main vehicle during this period. Deep Reduction evolved out of a collaboration with the Pennsylvania based band, Black Tulip. The second album sees Rob Younger joining that hybrid band. Another equally successful union finds Deniz paired up with Art and Steve from the Exploding Fuck Dolls. There is also Dodge Main, fronted by Wayne Kramer from Detroit legends MC5. Rounding out the set is a previously unheard Radio Birdman track demoed for the Zeno Beach album.

Track Listing:


Disc One: (Track - Group - Original Release)
Christmas Eve - Deniz Tek - Equinox
Black Tulip - Deep Reduction - 2
Last Cruise of the Owl - Deep Reduction - Deep Reduction
Tubular Dreams - Deniz Tek Group - Le Bonne Route
Heavy Air - Deniz Tek Group - Bad Road ep
Workingman's Shoes - Deniz Tek Group - Bad Road ep
Big Accumulator - Deep Reduction - 2
Steel Beach - Deniz Tek Group - Italian Tour EP
Agua Caliente - Deniz Tek - Equinox
Salted Leeches - Deniz Tek Group - Le Bonne Route
Bad Road - Deniz Tek Group - Bad Road ep
Searching - Deniz Tek Group - Got Live
Meantown Blues - Deniz Tek Group - Got Live


Disc Two: (Track - Group - Original Release)
Always Out Of Reach - Golden Breed - Glass Eye World
Billy Was A Cathar - Deniz Tek - Equinox
Shellback - Deniz Tek - Equinox
Dreaming Clifford Possum - Golden Breed - Glass Eye World
Lunatics At The Edge Of The World - Deniz Tek Group - Le Bonne Route
Novotel Blues - Deep Reduction - 2
100 Fools - Dodge Main - Dodge Main
Ships In - Deniz Tek Group - Got Live
What Its For - Golden Breed - Glass Eye World
Photo Album - Radio Birdman - Unreleased Demo
Flight 19 - Golden Breed - Glass Eye World
2 Pam Chloride - Golden Breed - Glass Eye World
Imaginary Man - Deniz Tek Group - Le Bonne Route
Hand Of Law - Deniz Tek Group - Got Live


The Musicians:

• Vocals: Deniz Tek, Rob Younger
• Bass:   Jim Dickson, Todd Eagle, Art Godoy, Jonathan Sipes, Paul Ill
• Guitars: Deniz Tek, Kent Steedman, Jack Chiara, Chris Masuak, Wayne Kramer, Art Godoy
• Drums+Percussion:  Nik Rieth, Clay Green, Steve Godoy, Clyde McGeary, Ron Keeley, Brock Avery
• Keyboards: Dave Weyer, Pip Hoyle Harmonica: Phil Johansen
• Backing Vocals: Angie Pepper, Marian Booth, Hana Tek, Dave Weyer, Will Weyer, Jonathan Sipes, Nik Rieth, Jim Dickson, Jeff Arntsen


Technical Details:

•Studio Engineers : Dave Weyer, Al Cox, Ron Sanchez, Phil Punch, Mike Wolf, John Newkirk 
•Production and Mixing: Deniz Tek,  Dave Weyer, Kent Steedman, Ron Sanchez, Al Cox, Rob Younger, Wayne Kramer
Recorded At :
•Dave Weyer Systems, Billings, Montana 
•GLEA, Bozeman, Montana 
•Electric Avenue, Annandale, New South Wales 
•Studio 213, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania 
•Music Box , Hollywood, California 
•Dump, Billings, Montana


Of Interest:

"Deniz Tek - The Citadel Years" 2 CD is an anthology that comprises the best of various hard to find albums and group projects Deniz recorded during the years 1996-2003. Also included are a few rare live recordings, as well as a previously unreleased song called "Photo Album" recorded during Radio Birdman demo sessions at Electric Avenue Studios. The players on this anthology include many luminaries including Radio Birdman members, Wayne Kramer, and many others. The set includes detailed liner notes and striking photos.
Note: Solo material from 1992-1995, which was originally released on Redeye/Polydor Records in Australia, is not be included due to prohibitive licensing hassles from the current owners of the copyrights.

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