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Deniz Tek
Title: Let The Kids Dance - Company: Undead (France) - Cat No: (undead001)
Format: 7" single  -  Released: 2000  -  Status: Deleted


This was a French vinyl 45 RPM only release of impromptu live studio recordings of Let The Kids Dance and Sweet Jane, recorded at Sugar Hill Studios, Houston Texas in 1991 during the last ever Hitmen recording sessions for the Moronic Inferno album. The band had a night off album work and got drunk on tequila in the studio, resulting in an "old favourites" jam party. Mort Bradley always vigilant at the control desk, captured it on tape. Masuak plays the Hammond B3 organ on these songs

Track Listing:

A-side: Let The Kids Dance ( E. McDaniel )
B-side: Sweet Jane ( L Reed )


The Musicians:

Deniz Tek - Guitar & Vocals

Chris Masuak - Guitar & Organ

Shane Cooke - Bass

Gerard Presland - Drums

Technical Details:

Produced and engineered by Andy Bradley

Recorded at Sugar Hill, Houston Texas

Deniz Tek
Title: Run Out Of Water - Company: Undead (France) - Cat No: (unlead003)
Format: 7" single  -  Released: 2002  -  Status: Deleted


This French vinyl 45 RPM single with picture sleeve was taken from an enhanced desk tape of the Deniz Tek Group playing Run Out Of Water live in Italy in 1996 and featuries Jim Dickson, Nik Rieth, and Kent Steedman. The single is backed by a live version of Real Cool Time from the Deniz Tek solo Take It To The Vertical Tour of Australia in 1992. This features the original Stooge Scott Asheton on drums, Bob Brown on bass, and a blistering guitar solo by Chris Masuak.


Track Listing:

A-side: Run Out Of Water ( D Tek )
B-side: Real Cool Time ( I Pop / R Asheton )

The Musicians:

Deniz Tek - Guitar & Vocals

Kent Steedman - Guitar

Jim Dickson - Bass

Nik Rieth - Drums
Deniz Tek - Guitar & Vocals

Chris Masuak - Guitar

Pip Hoyle - Keyboards

Bob Brown - Bass
Scott Asheton - Drums

Angie Pepper - Vocals


Technical Details:

A-side: Recorded live in Italy in 1996    

B-side: Recorded live in Australia in 1992

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