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Donovan's Brain

Title: The micky jones tribute album -  Company: No label (Uk)  -  Cat No: mj-001

Format: cd  -  Released: 2011  -  Status: limited edition


Micky Jones, guitarist and singer for the legendary Welsh band Man passed away in early 2010 after a long illness. Ron Sanchez had championed the music of Man in the mid 70's. As a result they enjoyed a large following in the Bay Area, becoming radio favorites and a regular concert draw. Bill Graham took a liking to them, and offered them several high profile gigs. Ron produced their most sucessfull comeback album, Call Down The Moon.

The Micky Jones Tribute was organized by Manfan, Martin Mycock. The seven artists appearing on this tribute are all members of the ManBand Forum. Donovan's Brain conribution is the only song sourced from Micky's solo work. Violin Thing was one of a handful of demos Micky recorded after the demise of Man in 1976. The backing track for this recording was assembled by Ron. Deniz added several layers of guitar to this. Deniz has managed to capture the spirit of Micky's guitar playing, an amazing feat, considering he's only had limited exposure to his music. All the proceeds from this album have been donated to charity.


Track Listing:

Back Together Again - The Headstone Poets

Long Lost Friend - Rostok

Kerosene - David Scott

Violin Thing - Donovan's Brain

Angel Easy - Eligh Toadd 

C'mon (Mon) - The Headstone Poets

The Acidtone Variations (parts 1-3) - The Quaffing Llamas 

Call Down The Moon - Nick Nation & Friends 


The Musicians:

Ron Sanchez - guitar, bass, keyboards, loops / Deniz Tek - guitars


Technical Details:

Produced by Ron Sanchez

Mixed by Ron Sanchez

Recorded at GLEA


Donovan's Brain

Title: Skrang Sounds LIke Bobby Sutliff -  Company: Career (USA)  -  Cat No: none

Format: cd  -  Released: 2013  -  Status: out of print


A Tribute/Benefit album organized by Tim Lee to help out Bobby Sutliff who was involved in a serious auto accident in June 2012. 18 of Bobby's friends and bandmates contributed original recordings of songs from the Bobby Sutliff song book.

For this album, Donovan's Brain recorded a version of Oh, Lorelei a song from Bobby's last solo album, On A Ladder. The arrangement was done in the style of Rain Parade, a band closely associated with Bobby and his old band The Windbreakers. Deniz contributes the blistering solo guitar.


Track Listing:

Velvet Crush (w/Matthew Sweet) — Second Choice

John Thomas — Make a Fool Outta Me

John Stirratt — Girl from Washington

Matt Piucci (w/members of Rain Parade) — That Stupid Idea

Anderson Council — Griffin Bay

Peter Holsapple — Ballygrand

Will Kimbrough — Off & On

David Minchew — Change the Way

Bill Lloyd — Same Way Tomorrow

Tom Stevens — Bitter Fruit

Don Dixon — New Red Shoes

Tim Lee 3 — I Thought You Knew

Donovan’s Brain — Oh Lorelei

Jeff Lewis — Elam Bridge

Michael Carpenter — Long Red Bottle of Wine

Kirk Swan — From a Distance

Russ Tolman — Devil & the Sea

Koenig’s Road — Ghost Town 


The Musicians:

Ron Sanchez - Bass, guitar, keyboards / Deniz Tek - guitar / Bobby Sutliff - in spirit/ Ric Parnell- drums / Tony Miller - vocals, efx / Scott Sutherland- vocals, guitar


Technical Details:

Produced by Ron Sanchez

Mixed by Ron Sanchez

Recorded at GLEA, Pillbox, Color Wheel

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