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This CD is long out of print and rare. Selling for $70 on ebay ! We found a few copies in our archives. 

Powertrane, Scott Morgan's devastating band with legendary Detroit axe-man Robert Gillespie, bassist Chris "Box" Taylor and drummer Andrew Frost are joined by Ann Arbor native and Australian Hard Rock godfather Deniz "Iceman" Tek from Radio Birdman. If all that wasn't enough, local heroes Ron Asheton from the Stooges and Hiawatha from the Cult Heroes came down to play as well.

For track listing and more info, check out POWERTRANE under BANDS and DISCOGRAPHY on this website.
  • Details

    Scott Morgan - Guitars and Vocals / Deniz Tek - Guitars and Vocals / Robert Gillespie - Guitars / Chris "Box" Taylor - Bass and Vocals / Andrew Frost - Drums - Ron Asheton - Lead Guitar on tracks 13-17 / Hiawatha Bailey - Lead Vocals on tracks 14-16
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