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The Hitmen
Title: Moronic Inferno  -  Company: Zeus (Aust)  -  Cat No: z.58chevycd
Format: 12" lp / cd album  -  Released: 1991  -  Status: Deleted


It was at Chris Masuak's invitation to play on this album that led Deniz to resuming work in music in 1991 after a 10 year hiatus. It also formed the link with Sugar Hill Studios where Take It To The Vertical was recorded the following year. Deniz played solos on Heart Full of Hate and This Bar, outros on Party's Over and Little Black Dress as well as supplying various harmonies.

Track Listing:

Surfing in Another Direction ( S Cooke / C Masuak / D Tek )
Sleep and Dream ( C Masuak )
This Bar ( C Masuak )
Too Many Girls ( C Masuak )
Ready To Ride ( C Masuak )
St Valentines Day ( C Masuak )
Catfight ( C Masuak )
Pop's All Gone ( C Masuak / D Tek )
Come Tomorrow ( C Masuak )
Heart Full of Hate ( C Masuak / J Kannis )
Party's Over ( C Masuak )
Little Black Dress ( C Masuak )


The Musicians:

Deniz Tek - Guitar & Harmonica  /  Chris Masuak - Guitar & Keyboards  /  Johnny Kannis - Vocals
Shane Cooke - Bass  /  Gerard Presland - Drums  /  Sugar Hill Tabernacle Choir - Backing Vocals


Technical Details:

Produced by Andy Bradley and Chris Masuak  /  Engineered by Andy Bradley  /  Recorded at Sugar Hill, Houston Texas

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