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Their name was taken from an obscure song "Winged Tuscadero" by an obscure band Mallard, who morphed from the original Magic Band after being left ashore by the Captain, who had sailed off without them.


The Glass Insects are David Weyer and Deniz Tek, doing free form spontaneous heavily processed harmolodic guitar and electronic noise music. Their first album, "Cool and Unusual Punishment" was recorded in three hours, and mixed and edited over the following year. It was released on CDRs made and labelled by the band, numbered and signed, and sold by mail order. Approximately 40 copies were eventually sold to listeners around the globe.


The Glass Insects recorded a second album, with more than six hours of material on tape. They were joined in this recording by Jim Dickson and Will Weyer. This album is even more adventurous and strange. Utilising the Gibbs Unit (a 1930's electronic device which responds unpredictably to its ambient surroundings), several custom altered amplifiers and tube processors, and human activity in the room from which the machines derive energy and direction, hitherto unknown circuits and biomechanical systems were created that opened channels to new sounds.


Central to the experiment was the Weyer invented "Choratone Machine", with its infinitely variable ascending and cascading sequences of harmonic distortion. The band reached new vistas in sound. Astonishingly, the equipment seems to create a gateway into time, where wailing voices, moanings, lamentations in strange languages, and volumes of voices from huge Nuremberg-like rallies can be heard coming through the opened channels.


Glass Insects 2 might be released to humanity someday if Dave can ever bring himself to edit and mix it. For now, there is a feeling that it might best be left alone. Glass Insects have never played a live concert.

Glass Insects

Title: Cool and Unusual Punishment  -  Company: World Windows 

Cat No: WWI 002  -  Format: cd album  -  Released: Jan 2000  -  Status: In print


Glass Insects is an experimental foray into instrumental electronic and guitar music by Deniz and David Weyer. The album consists of a single half hour long piece with several movements, ranging from relaxing, peaceful ambient waves of sound to terrifyingly alien noise.


Track Listing:

1.Cool and Unusual Punishment ( D Tek / D Weyer ) (34:26 m:s)


The Musicians:

Deniz Tek - guitar

David Weyer - machines and davophone


Technical Details:

Recorded at DWS studios, Laurel Montana USA in Oct. 1998

Dave Weyer engineered and produced the session and the mix

Multiple old amplifiers, vintage analogue delay units, Leslie,

& Choratone were used.



Of Interest:

The session lasted three hours and was done spontaneously, with no preconceived idea of what would happen. The plan was simply to try to create new and original sounds and to have fun doing so. There was no thought of an album release until a year later, when Dave happened to play the tapes to Nik Rieth and Jim Dickson, who were at the studio for work on Angie Pepper rhythm tracks. The listeners were so taken with the sounds they heard that night that after some discussion, Jim convinced Dave to produce the tapes as a record. Loved by some but hated by others, it is available now from Dave and Deniz by mail order only, with beautiful and strange sleeve art by Michael North.

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