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Deniz Tek

Title: Orphan Tracks  -  Company: Revenge (France)  

Cat No: (mig13/wm330) - Format: 12" lp / cd album  

Released: Sept 1989 - Status: Deleted


In 1989 Deniz' musical career was at an all time low. Not having played on any records or done any shows for 5 years, he didn't expect to revive it. This was the context when the two Frenchmen, Bernard and Jean Marc from Revenge Records, came knocking after getting Deniz' address from Ron Asheton. The same guys had done the reissues of New Race. Deniz appreciated these albums as they were well done and featured the original vocals. They were interested to see if Deniz had any old demo tapes or live stuff that they could possibly release. Deniz let them look around and take a box of tapes, although he later regretted this. The tapes they took contained a range of good studio demos, basement jams, and some home drum machine stuff not in any way up to technical standards, despite the songs themselves being good.


Track Listing:
Side 1:
    1.    Miss You Too Much ( D Tek ) (3:00 m:s)
    2.    Destination Void ( D Tek ) (2:42 m:s)
    3.    Last Chance ( D Tek ) (3:12 m:s)
    4.    Why Tell Me? ( D Tek ) (3:19 m:s)
    5.    100 Fools ( D Tek ) (2:19 m:s)
Side 2:
    1.    RPM ( Usher / Bordetta ) (2:09 m:s)
    2.    Big Ride ( D Tek ) (3:46 m:s)
    3.    A C M ( D Tek ) (2:56 m:s)
    4.    Sweet Jane ( L Reed ) (3:44 m:s)
    5.    Monday Morning Gunk ( D Tek ) (2:52 m:s)
    6.    Louie Louie ( R Berry ) (3:00 m:s)

                                                      (bonus CD track)

The Musicians:
Deniz Tek - Guitar, Vocals, all instruments tracks 7, 8  /  Angie Pepper - Vocals tracks 1, 2, 3, 4 
Art Gottschalk - Keyboards tracks 1, 2, 3, 4  /  Marty Smith - Bass tracks 1, 2, 3, 4 
Jean-Paul Williams - Bass tracks 5, 6  /  Otis Dickerson - Saxophone tracks 1, 2, 3, 4 
Tab Nesbit - Drums tracks 1, 2, 3, 4  /  Bob Weber - Drums tracks 5, 6 
Craig Fuller - Drums tracks 9, 11  /  Really Red - Background Vocals track 6 
Phil "Dust" Peterson - Bass, Background Vocals tracks 9, 11
TV Jones line-up on track 10:
Deniz Tek - Vocals, Guitar  /  Chris Jones - Guitar  /  Giles Van Der Werf - Bass  /  Gerry Jones - Drums


Technical Details:
Tracks 1 - 4: Produced by Deniz and Art Gottschalk  /  Engineered by Mort Bradley  /  Recorded at ACA Recording Studios, Houston - November 1981
Tracks 5 - 6: Produced by Deniz and Bill Holford  /  Engineered by Mort Bradley  /  Recorded at ACA Recording Studios, Houston - January 1981
Tracks 7 - 8: Recorded over the period 1982-1983 on a Tascam 4 track at Deniz' then home in Kaneohe, Hawaii.
Tracks 9 - 11: Recorded on a Tascam cassette machine in a basement in Jamestown, New York, around 1987
Track 10: Produced and engineered by Bruce Smith  /  Recorded at Earth Media Studios, North Sydney in 1973


Of Interest:

Destination Void and Last Chance are high quality and have not appeared anywhere else. Both feature Angie Pepper's voice and were written for her. Also sung by Angie are the Visitors' classic Miss You Too Much, and an early version of Why Tell Me? with a bass solo instead of alto sax as featured on the Citadel release.
The version of 100 Fools is an alternative mix to the Citadel track and the cover of the 60's hot rod song RPM (originally by the Four Speeds) can be found on various Bomp compilations. ACM appeared later on the Good 'Nuff EP as Press On. Big Ride, an instrumental, eventually was used as spare parts, one of which became the middle 8 of Blood From A Stone.
Monday Morning Gunk, with Deniz singing, was taken from a surviving cassette of the only ever TV Jones studio session. It was the only known recording released of that band until the 2000 release of Eskimo Pies.
The cover photography of Deniz is from an Angie Pepper Band gig played at the Paddington Green Hotel in Sydney. These shots are great although the photographer remains unknown.


Deniz Tek

Title: Destination Void  /  Company: Revenge (France)
Cat No: (ss18/wm107)  /  Format: 7"  /  Released: 1990  /  Status: Deleted


Revenge put out this 7" picture sleeve single soon after the Orphan Tracks album was released. They used the same front cover artwork as they had used for the album. Apparently this single was released on green vinyl.

Track Listing:
A-side: Destination Void ( D Tek ) (2:58 m:s)
B-side: Steel Beach ( D Tek ) (3:36 m:s)


The Musicians:
A-side: Angie Pepper - Vocals

            Deniz Tek - Guitar

            Marty Smith - Bass
            Tab Nesbit - Drums

            Art Gottschalk - Keyboards
B-side: Deniz Tek - Guitar, Vocals,

                                    and all other instruments

Technical Details:
A-side: Produced by Deniz and Art Gottschalk

            Engineered by Mort Bradley

            Recorded at ACA Recording Studios, Houston - November 1981
B-side: Recorded over the period 1982-1983 on a Tascam 4 track at Deniz' then home in Kaneohe, Hawaii.

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